How to Generate Wealth even while Sleeping

Image result for sleeping beautyReally?? Generate Wealth even when sleeping? Sounds Impossible? Maybe not.

Have we ever thought if we STOPPED working perhaps for a month for some strange reason, perhaps a sickness, or the need to take care of a family member, etc. would I still be having income?


Would my SAVINGS, if any, be USED up?

In this article, let us dive into some of the possible options we may apply soon to be able to generate income even while we sleep.

So lets start & let me share with you the 2 types of Income: Active & Passive.

Active Income

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This is what a big majority are all familiar with.

We may have heard many times: “Study hard, finish school, then get a good job…”, so it ends up many of us exchange our time to earn money, which simplifies the definition of: ACTIVE INCOME.

We log in time = we get paid

No work time = No pay.

Related imageThis could also apply to owning a traditional business, for example a restaurant. A closed restaurant won’t produce any income, correct?

But this is not what we are interested in… so lets move on to the next Income type…

Passive Income

Now here is where it gets exciting where we have an opportunity to generate income even while we sleep…. 

Let’s now dive into some of the popular Passive Income options: (NOTE: There are many other Passive Income options however these are what I am very much familiar with & have provided me good results)

Paper Assets

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Paper Assets used as an Investment (take note, not TRADING) is a good option for Passive Income.

One advantage of Paper Assets is it needs a minimal amount to set up, but the down side is, this takes time….uhm lots of it actually… lets say about at least 5 years for your money to grow significantly?

Two of the most common Paper Assets to take note of would be Stocks & Mutual Funds

This particular money generating tool enabled me to purchase my very 1st car, in CASH (uhm without me even noticing the years that has passed).

A Paper Asset is a good addition to have as a supplement income stream but NOT your MAIN source of livelihood.

Real Estate

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Our next option is owning property then having it rented out.

Yes, rent out the property. Buying & selling a property may give you bigger income, however, you would still need to continually do the “buy & sell” routine, which in effect is NOT passive income since you need to exert time & effort with this.

Renting out property is another good option as it enables consistent long term income if managed properly.

Some draw backs & perhaps a major one is it needs a LARGE Capital. Also some effort at the start to look for good tenants is required as well.

This particular income stream is what helped support my daily expenses when I lost my corporate job & stemmed the tide on my recovery from a long term sickness for about a year & another year to look for a new job.

Now we come to the last but most promising option..

Network Marketing

Related imageOkay, okay I know Networking Business has had so many negative feedback, however, choosing a reputable & established Networking Business can be your best bet in building consistent Passive Income in the long term.

2 things may be needed to enable a much higher probability of success in this kind of business:

1) An established Networking Business where the product is easy to sell (if you are seriously searching I could suggest a good one: let’s CHAT, simply say “Hi” & click link ➡️ )

2) A Networking Business which has a team with leaders who are happy to support your growth.

NOTE: Interested to know more details on the Must Haves of a Networking Business before joining one? Find out in this other article.

Click this link 👉 How to Know if you’re in the Best Networking Business for REAL Residual Income

A Networking Business does NEED hard WORK at the start (perhaps that is why its called Net-“working” huh?), but when set up properly.. It can allow you to gain consistent long term PASSIVE INCOME.

It is highly suggested to have at least 3 separate INCOME Streams so that if 1 fails, there are 2 others to support as back-up.

Here’s to our Growth in all areas of our LIFE

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5 Simple Tips to STAND OUT in the Networking Business

Image result for stand out from the crowdOk, you are all pumped up about the new networking business you have joined.

Then it hits you, hmm wait, I just realized that am 1 in thousands of networkers promoting this same thing, how  would prospects CHOOSE ME from among the rest?

No worries, here are 5 simple tips (which I learned from one of my favorite mentors Tyson) that can ENABLE YOU to STAND OUT among the thousands other networkers promoting the same thing online.

TIP 1: Personalize the DONE FOR YOU Sales Funnel

A big majority of the Networking Businesses today provide Done For You Sales Funnels & advise you just to direct traffic to the Capture Page & you will soon get rich…. Uhmm sorry but a GENERIC sales funnel being used by thousands others promoting the same thing will not set you apart.

There are 2 ways to do this:

1st if the Done For You Capture Page can be edited: Simply insert your photo to introduce yourself to the prospect. This surely will be unique not unless someone else would use your photo in their sales, which will help make you known faster, right?

2nd if the Done For You Capture Page CANNOT be edited: Insert a PRE-SELL page which introduces yourself with a photo of you or if you are bold enough a short video introduction & what the prospect is expected to see in the next page.

Tip 2: Buy the Product & Create A Review

How strange would it be if you yourself don’t buy the product that you are selling so how in the world would your prospects trust in what you say right?

Image result for product reviewIn creating the product review, it would be good to show the best features of the product as part of proof that you indeed bought the product & you are happily using it.

However, it also would be nice not to be too one sided or biased & be honest enough to admit what it is, perhaps just 1 thing that you may not like about the product you sell.

Tip 3: Create a Comparison Review

Related imageMaking a comparison of your product with the competition is also a good way to set you apart. However be careful not to be so biased towards your product & end up bashing the competitors product.

An objective Comparison Review even though people may or may not know you are selling a certain product will enhance your trust factor & credibility.

Tip 4: Create your own Give Away or Bonus

Related imageLet’s face it, people do love FREEBIES huh? The bonus is your unique thing to give so it will surely set you apart from the rest.

The Bonus does not need to be a physical item to give, but it can be, however it can also be VALUABLE INFORMATION. It can be a simple article or quick video answering one of the biggest complaint or problem in your market. 

One example would be this article you are reading now, wink wink, or it can be free recipe guide, free tips on how to……. This tip will need some research to know what the biggest pain of your market is.

Tip 5: Build a LIST 1st & Sell your item 2nd

Image result for list buildingNow here is a hard FACT.. Not all PROSPECTS you invite into your business opportunity will immediately grab your product or join your team…maybe not yet.

There are many online apps which allows you to build a LIST & allows you to constantly keep in touch with your prospects & providing them with more VALUABLE INFORMATION.

In the long term, this LIST will eventually convert into SALES when done properly.

Above are 5 SIMPLE tips which WILL SET YOU APART from the rest of the other Network Marketers. You may Choose only 1 out of the 5 which is appeals to you most or BETTER…Why not DO all 5 🙂 

Here’s to our SUCCESS in our BUSINESS




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How to Build Your Network Marketing Business Online in 3 Strategic Steps

Image result for frustrated businessman freeHow frustrating it is to bug family & friends about your new business opportunity only to be rejected huh?

I followed the “old school” prospecting system & yet was not able to gain long term success in any of the networking business I have joined.

Not until I stumbled upon this new online system which allowed me to “attract” highly qualified & motivated prospects as shared by my mentor Ferny in this article below…Enjoy & here’s to our SUCCESS

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If you’re tired of prospecting friends and family, doing home meetings, cold calling, chasing after everyone you meet, or being accused of peddling some “pyramid thing”…

Then you’re probably ready to build your network marketing business online.

Nine months into my network marketing business, I had recruited 17 people into my business and ALL of them had quit!

I had held home meetings at my mom’s house, friend’s houses, stranger’s houses, attended company events, regional events and after literally tens of thousands of miles driven and $10,000 in the hole, I was about ready to quit.

It was pretty embarrassing and I absolutely DID NOT want to face the “I told you so” from anyone, so I took a leap of faith and started searching the internet for answers!

By the grace of God and maybe a little luck, I found the website of someone whom had built his network marketing empire almost completely online and thus began my journey into Online Network Marketing. I was saved!

Long story short, after 10 years and millions of dollars in income later, I thank God for the online mentors I’ve grown with, because they literally saved my life!

And today, as my mentors did with me, I devote much of my time today showing others how they can take their network marketing business online and let go of everything you currently don’t like about building the old school way.

Now, if you want to build your network marketing business online, here’s what you need to know…

First of all, the benefits are YYYYUUUGE!

  • You can generate fresh, qualified leads from wherever (and whenever) you please
  • You can end rejection forever by only talking to people who are highly interested in your offer
  • You don’t need to drive long hours, your startup costs are low, and your business works for you 24/7—without you ever having to pick up the phone!

The best part is that you don’t need to be “techie” or particularly good with computers to get started.

There are three steps required to take your business online, starting with…

Now, I know people have different attitudes as far as personal development and mindset goes.

But my advice is pretty practical.

First, you must get comfortable with the unknown.

Basically, you need to be present and respect the journey.

Know that you’re not going to learn everything you need all at once, in one fell swoop.

When you go online, you’re learning a whole new skillset.

Almost a new profession.

Think of it…

When you learn a new profession, what do you usually do?

Well, you go to school for four years.

We’re not going to have you do that, and it probably shouldn’t take four years, anyway.

However, if there was a school of building a businesses online, it probably would take a few months to get through all the coursework, so be prepared for a learning curve.

Don’t try to learn everything at once.

Just focus on what’s in front of you.

Master that, implement it, and then move on.

You have to get comfortable with not knowing what’s ahead.

There’s always going to be a new technology that you don’t know about, and new skills that you have to acquire.

Keep that in mind and expect the unknown.

But the other issue is a biggie and comes up often:

It’s the ability to overcome adversity and not give up.

By going online…

Do certain parts of building your business become a easier?


That’s the purpose of going online—to create more efficiency, so you’re not doing things that either waste time, or you simply don’t like doing.

  • So no more driving around town to get from point A to point B.
  • No more meeting people one-on-one.
  • Or following up over and over after they’ve seen “the plan.”

However, you are still going to face adversity.

You’re still going to hit roadblocks and get stuck.

If you’re somebody that easily gives up when you encounter those types of things, then don’t even try to build your network marketing business.

You have to respect the new skills you’re learning

And be willing to face the tough times.

Respect means when you actually get stuck, you don’t easily give up.

You push through and become resourceful.

An important part of the equation is knowing where to go to find answers, or knowing who to ask to find answers (more on this later).

This is vital to your success.

The last thing is…

You’ve got to overcome peer-pressure

There are people that are not going to approve of you doing something that’s different from what they recommend within the company.

Maybe someone in your upline doesn’t want you to explore other methods.

That’s normal.

It’s normal for people who have not built their business this way tend to have a negative attitude.

Human beings fear of the unknown, which is why the first thing I told you was: master the unknown.

It’s natural for people to fear what they don’t know

Not only is it natural to fear the unknown, it’s natural to attack it too.

Know that your upline—even if they have a massive downline—if they haven’t built a business online, then they’re talking about something they don’t truly understand.

Building a business online is completely different than building it offline.

It requires different methods and an entirely different skill set.

Building offline is something you can admire and appreciate—and I certainly do—and respect anyone that’s done it.

But if a leader hasn’t done anything online, and they’re talking ‘smack’ about it, then they have no credibility in my book.

Respect them, but don’t give in to their doubt and fear.

But in today’s day and age, more and more leaders in the network marketing space are starting to accept that you can actually build on social media and using Internet marketing, and the proof is in the pudding.

You see people everywhere who are successfully building online.

The proof is all around you.

You don’t need the approval of anyone else

Move forward no matter what others say to you.

Our community provides a lot of support as it relates to this, and we can offer you advice based on your personal situation.

I’ll tell you how to receive more information at the end of this article.

This sums up mindset:

  • Master the unknown.
  • Learn how to overcome adversity (and not be a weenie).
  • Learn to overcome peer pressure.

Those three things will come up, but now you can be prepared.

The next thing you need is a…

You need an implementation blueprint.

Something you can reference along the way.

And there are primarily two different ways that you can build your network marketing business online.

First, there’s the…

Active social media recruiting

…which you can actually implement right away.

With social media recruiting, you honestly don’t have to learn much of anything.

All you need is a personal account on Facebook (no website required), and some sort of process—maybe provided by your upline or somebody in your company—on how to present your opportunity and convert prospects into either buyers or new reps.

You only need to know where to take them, and how to process them.

You can start implementing social media recruiting strategies today to build your network marketing business.

In fact, this strategy is basically equitable to what you’d do offline, except you’re transposing the process online.

The challenge with social media is you’re always busy…

  • You’re always posting.
  • You’re always engaging.
  • You’re always interacting with people.

It produces results quickly (and it can produce massive results), and you can duplicate it quickly, but it’s time intensive.

Most of the time…

People will move beyond simple social media recruiting stuff, because they want to create more leverage in their business and to free up more of their time.

And that’s what we’ve been teaching here at Elite Marketing Pro, for the past ten years.

Speaking of which, if you’re ready to move forward now with building your business using “attraction marketing,” I’d like to invite you to sign up for my FREE 10-Day Online Recruiting Bootcamp, where you’ll gain the knowledge to create an automated selling and prospecting system to attract highly-interested prospects to your product or opportunity online.

The next level of social media is…

Passive social media recruiting

…which is about posting valuable content or information that inspires people to reach out to you and ask you what you’re doing.

In fact, a lot of our students are generating dozens of prospects reaching out to them, asking…


“What are you doing? I want to learn more!”

I prefer to start the conversation with somebody when they’re reaching out.

They are coming to you—instead of the other way around.

Then you’re able to create leverage and scale.

All the things you normally would do with social media you’re now able to scale and accelerate your results.

For this, you’re going to need a Facebook Business Page (aka a Fan Page) and a training and lead generation system like what we provide at Elite Marketing Pro.

The idea is for people to reach out to you by going to your website and submitting their information, which can happen 24/7 (while you’re sleeping or at the beach).

They’ll do this in exchange for valuable information you’re promised to give them.

They are then automatically sent all the information they need to get familiar with your business and we provide all the tools to allow you to do this in no time!

By the time you get on the phone, they’re 90% sold!

You only answer a few questions, and they’re ready to get started.

It’s all automatic.

That’s what a “funnel” does.

This is how you can passively have prospects come into your business, every single day.

In our business, we have between 500-to-600 prospects reaching out to us, requesting information daily.

There’s no way we could personally talk to every single one of them, so we had to create funnels or process to be able to present offers to people en masse on auto pilot.

This allows you to take people that are brand new and fresh, and walk them through a presentation, in an automated way.

That’s essentially what we’re talking about with passive recruiting strategies (which is also referred to as “attraction marketing”).

Now, for the final piece, which is…

It would be very difficult for you to do everything I just described without some personal one-on-one help.

Think about it, when you started in network marketing offline, somebody showed you the next steps to take.

The same is true with building your business online:

You need someone to show you a step-by-step blueprint.

Thus, when you become a customer or client of Elite Marketing Pro, you receive free, one-on-one coaching to ensure you get started right.

We know it’s overwhelming when you’re brand new.

So we take away the worry by having a mentor walk you through everything step-by-step (so you don’t waste time) and tell you if you’re doing things correctly or not.

This immediate feedback means…

You’ll never feel insecure about not being sure what to do next

Or not sure if what you did is correct.

And hey, I know how powerful this is from personal experience.

When I first got started, I spent over $150,000 (mostly on credit cards) trying to build my business without mentorship.

It was pretty costly, to say the least.

However, once I got the mentorship I needed, it put me on the fast track to achieving results.

Two years later, I quit my job.

A couple years after that, I became a seven-figure producer in my home business, and have done multiple millions of dollars ever since.

I believe you can do it too, but…

You have to make the commitment and start with the first step

So if you’ve always wanted to not only have the right information, but to have somebody personally help you, then I highly recommend you learn more about Elite Marketing Pro by signing up for my FREE 10-Day Online Recruiting Bootcamp.

It’s a video course where I walk you through taking your business online.

Because while it is possible to build your network marketing business offline, the way I’m providing you is more efficient, allows you to create income quickly and you can run your business from your laptop.

And just like this information changed my life ten years ago, it can change your life as well.

In fact, I’ll share exactly how I passively generate 300–500 leads per day, 30–50 customers per day, and recruit 70–100 new serious business-builders into my business each month.

You’ll have the tools to build your business automatically—where prospects come to you on a daily basis—ready to sign up and get busy.

So if you’re ready to get started…

Simply click here and I’ll gladly give you access to my 10-Day Online Recruiting Bootcamp.

And if you found this content helpful, I would love to read your comments below!

Ferny Ceballos
Chief Marketing Officer
Elite Marketing Pro