How to Convert Leads into Sales in 5 Simple Steps

Let’s face it, what good is a ton of leads or contacts that we may have if we don’t have a clue on how to CLOSE a deal OR CONVERT your Prospects or Leads into SALES, right?
Allow me to share with you a simple 5 STEP process that will drastically improve the chances of your LEADS or Prospect into joining your team or buying your product

STEP 1: Identify the Problem

Our Primary goal here is to build a relationship with our prospect by applying 1 basic skill: Listening.
Some questions that we can ask them is:
  • What are the DREAMS in your Life right now & what is the current state
  • What is it in your life right now that has opened you to consider meeting up with me
Now after asking these questions, STOP & LISTEN.
One optional step we can add is to provide your prospect a run through or framework of what is about to happen in your conversation, like:
First, I’d like to ask you a few questions to find out what your dream life would look like.
Then I’ll ask you some questions to find out what’s going on in your life now – the good, the bad, and the ugly.
Next, We’ll identify any gaps.
Then lastly, I’ll tell you a little bit about what I’m doing, and we’ll explore whether or not this might be a fit for both of us.


We all have an ideal life we want if money was not an issue. Let your prospect paint the picture of their DREAM LIFE in any aspect of their life for example:


  • What would your dream home be like? How many rooms? Where will it be?
  • Keep asking for more details about their dream home even to the point of asking whether they may want a 2nd home perhaps a vacation home elsewhere


  • Where would you like to travel to if time & money were not an issue?
  • Would you like to travel 1st class? How frequently would you like to do so? Is it with your family or maybe even your friends?


  • Would you want to spend much more quality time with your family & friends assuming there is no issue with money & with time?
  • Any plans you would want to do regularly with your family & friends (i.e. eating out in fine dining, movies, shopping, etc.)


  • Is there anything that you would like to improve on with your health & fitness?


  • If money was not an issue, would you want to help out or contribute to the growth of your community or give back to the society?
  • Is there any organization that you would wish to financially support or even volunteer your time to?

STEP 3: Identify their CURRENT STATE

The properly gauge where they are in right now, we allow them to rate for themselves their CURRENT state like:
  • From a scale of 1-10 with 10 the highest, how satisfied are you with your current finances? about your job? where you live right now? with your health? with your relationships?
  • What other solutions have you tried or what other programs you may have purchased which did not work & just left you frustrated?

STEP 4: Identify the GAP

Image result for gapWe can now establish that there is a GAP between the CURRENT State & their IDEAL State so we can next ask them:
  • On a scale of 1-10 with 10 being the highest; how important to you is attaining that IDEAL State? How willing are you to achieve this?
  • If you have tried other solutions to bridge this GAP, what did you like about the solution you tried? What did you don’t like?
  • What are you looking for in the NEXT Solution to bridge this GAP?

STEP 5: Get their permission to OFFER your SOLUTION

At this point, the prospect would now have identified their need for a solution to their PROBLEM.
Now you may ask permission for you to OFFER your SOLUTION by saying:
“If I could show you a way to achieve <all your prospect mentioned in the IDEAL STATE> without <what your prospect did not like in their previous solution> would it be worth your time to consider this SOLUTION I have for you?”
You may then start presenting your OFFER to the prospect however keep it simple & keep it direct to the point (no need to show them who the CEO is, nor how great the system is, etc.)
ASSURE your prospect that you will guide them at each step towards their IDEAL STATE
Spend some more time on some quick Q&A then after all questions are addressed
One final Question after the presentation: How would you like to get STARTED?
Then STAY SILENT & WAIT..Don’t say anything & allow them to ANSWER.
Be prepared for whatever Answer you may get & keep in mind, this CLOSING system is not a miracle formula that will ASSURE 100% SUCCESS & please do consider practice & eventually CLOSING a SALE will come NATURALLY
Enjoy & here’s to our SUCCESS in helping others GROW their BUSINESS
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