5 Simple Tips to STAND OUT in the Networking Business

Image result for stand out from the crowdOk, you are all pumped up about the new networking business you have joined.

Then it hits you, hmm wait, I just realized that am 1 in thousands of networkers promoting this same thing, how  would prospects CHOOSE ME from among the rest?

No worries, here are 5 simple tips (which I learned from one of my favorite mentors Tyson) that can ENABLE YOU to STAND OUT among the thousands other networkers promoting the same thing online.

TIP 1: Personalize the DONE FOR YOU Sales Funnel

A big majority of the Networking Businesses today provide Done For You Sales Funnels & advise you just to direct traffic to the Capture Page & you will soon get rich…. Uhmm sorry but a GENERIC sales funnel being used by thousands others promoting the same thing will not set you apart.

There are 2 ways to do this:

1st if the Done For You Capture Page can be edited: Simply insert your photo to introduce yourself to the prospect. This surely will be unique not unless someone else would use your photo in their sales, which will help make you known faster, right?

2nd if the Done For You Capture Page CANNOT be edited: Insert a PRE-SELL page which introduces yourself with a photo of you or if you are bold enough a short video introduction & what the prospect is expected to see in the next page.

Tip 2: Buy the Product & Create A Review

How strange would it be if you yourself don’t buy the product that you are selling so how in the world would your prospects trust in what you say right?

Image result for product reviewIn creating the product review, it would be good to show the best features of the product as part of proof that you indeed bought the product & you are happily using it.

However, it also would be nice not to be too one sided or biased & be honest enough to admit what it is, perhaps just 1 thing that you may not like about the product you sell.

Tip 3: Create a Comparison Review

Related imageMaking a comparison of your product with the competition is also a good way to set you apart. However be careful not to be so biased towards your product & end up bashing the competitors product.

An objective Comparison Review even though people may or may not know you are selling a certain product will enhance your trust factor & credibility.

Tip 4: Create your own Give Away or Bonus

Related imageLet’s face it, people do love FREEBIES huh? The bonus is your unique thing to give so it will surely set you apart from the rest.

The Bonus does not need to be a physical item to give, but it can be, however it can also be VALUABLE INFORMATION. It can be a simple article or quick video answering one of the biggest complaint or problem in your market. 

One example would be this article you are reading now, wink wink, or it can be free recipe guide, free tips on how to……. This tip will need some research to know what the biggest pain of your market is.

Tip 5: Build a LIST 1st & Sell your item 2nd

Image result for list buildingNow here is a hard FACT.. Not all PROSPECTS you invite into your business opportunity will immediately grab your product or join your team…maybe not yet.

There are many online apps which allows you to build a LIST & allows you to constantly keep in touch with your prospects & providing them with more VALUABLE INFORMATION.

In the long term, this LIST will eventually convert into SALES when done properly.

Above are 5 SIMPLE tips which WILL SET YOU APART from the rest of the other Network Marketers. You may Choose only 1 out of the 5 which is appeals to you most or BETTER…Why not DO all 5 🙂 

Here’s to our SUCCESS in our BUSINESS




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