How To SUCCEED by NOT LISTENING to Mentors & being Stubborn…

Confusing title huh?

Please allow me to share my story on this matter to clarify this for you.

Were you like me who have just recently set up an online business (or joined a network marketing group) & is struggling to look for the fastest & easiest means to generate traffic to attract leads which could eventually convert into sales?

Now comes the irony..

Being new to this field, I bought several courses (& I did get burned several times by many so-called “gurus” wasting about thousands of dollars) & I still continue to buy courses to date.

I listened to several experts on traffic & majority of them does say that there is no such thing as a FREE, quick & easy way for REAL, interested, HOT buyers for your product.

Real Traffic takes time, effort & patience…. (one trait that I may lack & I am learning to acquire, hahaha)

Stubbornness Alert!

Here now enters my stubbornness. So I still went on searching for that magic formula which will instantly generate me leads… Long story made short, I ignored the instructions & inputs of my mentors!!! (how foolish of me to pay for mentors just to ignore them?? hmmm….)

I did stumble across a certain traffic generating product & seems quite good since their promises were impressive & it did come with a money back guarantee if their promise does not deliver. Again, not listening to my mentors, I pushed thru with the purchase.

True enough the quick traffic product did give me hundreds of leads, however I just got an email response like this from one of them (I do am thankful since this “lead” told me how she got into my mailing list, I could only imagine what are on the minds of the rest of the leads who did not respond?)

So much for their promise of a Real hot & interested lead huh?

Anyways, I did have to learn this lesson the hard way & even had to spend hundreds of dollars just for this.

That Lightbulb Moment

NOW I GET IT, enough of my stubbornness & NOT listening to my mentors who are indeed experts in this business & PUT AN END TO MY PURSUIT OF LOOKING FOR SHORTCUTS!!

So if your story was just like mine who wanted the FAST & EASY way & hoping for that “magic product” (that does not exist) to attract tons of leads & sales, then join me in our quest in getting back on the RIGHT TRACK by using a PROVEN & Easy Way to Attract Leads Without Wasting Your Time & Money (like I did when I ignored my mentor, ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)) Chasing Dead Beat Prospects & Leads.

Take Action & Join the Team

There are no SHORTCUTS to SUCCESS, so click below to get your access on how to be able to grow a 6-figure network marketing business, fire your boss (that is if you are a 9am-5pm employee), without cold calling or bugging friends & family.

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