8 Ways To Get Visitors To Your Website

At times, it is hard to get visitors for your site in the start. The tips given in this article will help you get a few hundred visitors per day without any problem. Getting started with blogging is difficult in the beginning but becomes easy if you keep trying. Read on.

1. Yahoo! Answers

Image result for yahoo photosIf you do a quick search on Yahoo for SEO, you will get thousands of questions that you can answer. To drive traffic to your blog or site from Yahoo Answers, all you have to do is give helpful answers. Your goal should be to become an authority in your niche. With this technique, you can easily get over 100 visitors and your site will get a lot of exposure.

2. Social Bookmarking

If you can create enjoyable content, one of your posts may go viral or get popular. Actually, your goal is to put your site in front of potential visitors. Another way to do it is social bookmarking. With these sites, you can bookmark your favorite sites for other users to view. And the great thing is that you won’t need to spend more than a minute to bookmark your website. Some good social bookmarking websites are Delicious, Reddit, and Digg.

3. Guest Blogging

For free traffic, we suggest that you go for guest blogging. All you have to do is spend a few minutes to write a quality article. You may want to contact the most popular sites in your niche and then ask them for permission to publish an article on their site. The majority of sites will give you the permission happily.

4. Forum Posting

You can find community forums for every niche, topic or industry under the sun. For likeminded people, the internet is the best place. What you need to do is post on the forums for the community members. The majority of forums will let you leave a link back to your site in the signature of your post.

5. Twitter

Image result for twitter photosWhenever you write fresh content, don’t forget to Tweet about it. With the help of the right keywords, you can make your tweet interesting and you will get a higher click through rate. Make sure the posts have creative headlines. If the headlines are not catchy, people won’t click on it.

6. Facebook

Related imageYou can create a Facebook fan page in a minute or two. If you are a business owner, make sure you have one. The reason is that 1 out of every 13 people of the world uses Facebook.

7. Blog Commenting

Another way to get a lot of traffic for your site is through blog commenting. As soon as you post a comment, you will get traffic. Make sure that the comments are insightful and are posted as soon as a new post goes live.

8. Article Marketing

You can also promote your website through article directories. As a matter of fact, this is an effective way of getting traffic for your site. You can write quality content and publish it on your sites, such as Article Dashboard and Article Base. However, make sure that the articles are interesting, creative and contain the right keywords.

So, if you want to get traffic for your new site, you may follow these tips.

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